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Road Assistance Bulgaria

Road Assistance Bulgaria

Our professional company offers road assistance to Bulgaria. We provide high-quality roadside assistance services. The right attitude puts our company at the forefront. This service was created for the purpose of repatriating cars and trucks for the region of Bulgaria. Our company offers maximum security to the customer when repatriating cars with road assistance Bulgaria. Pricing for the service is influenced by indicators that are a combination of the extent and complexity of the loading and unloading activity. For the repatriation of each car, the price is determined by the distance and the situation in which the vehicle is located. For trucks, the repatriation price is determined by the tonnage and length of the composition. For any other technique, the price is determined by the tonnage and the type of technique. The cost of repatriation and carriage after 21 hours is + 50%.

Road Assistance – Price for road assistance

The cost of repatriating cars and trucks are negotiated in advance with customers so that they remain fully satisfied. The individual approach and the correct attitude towards our clients put our company at the forefront of the leading companies in Bulgaria. Until now, we have won the trust of many customers and companies that have cars, vans, and trucks. The quality offered by our mechanics in the carriage and repatriation of cars and trucks earns great trust among people. It is a huge reward for us to know that we help our clients in any situation. This gives excellent results for the development of Albena Express, in providing the road assistance service to Bulgaria. Every day, our company continues to expand its operations, both in Bulgaria and abroad. Our company relies on its professional specialized equipment.

What is the purpose of the companies for road assistance Bulgaria ?

For the transport of cars and trucks for the region of Bulgaria, responsible personnel and a specialized truck are required. In the case of car or truck transport at long distances in Bulgaria, the realized profit will be quite high. Most roadside assistance companies in Bulgaria are looking to make long-term courses to make better profits. By running a long course, fuel costs are declining and profits are increasing. But unfortunately, the long courses in Bulgaria for the transport of cars and trucks are very rare. Most customers prefer to transport the car with an elastic rope. And the transport companies that have more company trucks are pulling them on a hard tug. The Road Assistance service for Bulgaria is available from many companies involved in this activity. Roadside assistance companies that offer such services offer low repatriation rates for cars and trucks.

What are the goals of Albena Express ?

The goals we have set for the future development of Albena Express are the full repatriation coverage throughout Bulgaria. The Road Assistance service is mainly on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Cargo – unloading activities for the repatriation and carriage of cars are carried out with a hydraulic platform. This is the safest and quickest way to repatriate cars. The Road Assistance service for Bulgaria is available 24 hours a day from Bulgarian companies. With the numerous fleets of specialized cars, we strive to cover the whole of Bulgaria. We rely on our superb equipment and highly trained staff to help the victims. Our phones are at your disposal 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. If you need immediate help, do not hesitate to look for the services of a company offering road assistance in Bulgaria. We insist that you strictly abide by road traffic law. This will reduce the risk of road and motorway traffic accidents.