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Road assistance for Europe

Road assistance for Europe

Road assistance for Europe, repatriation of light trucks, trucks and heavy trucks, with a hydraulic platform. If a breakdown or accident occurs in your vehicle when traveling, look for specialized roadside assistance for Europe. If you use the services of a foreign company in Europe, the repatriation cost may exceed the cost of the car. Prices for carriage and repatriation of cars are listed on the site of the roadside assistance companies. When traveling to Europe, check for valid vehicle liability, annual technical inspection, and green card. If you do not get the necessary travel documents, do not leave the country. The car’s large and small registration trolleys must always be present with you. When you have insurance for ADAC, you will get free road assistance throughout Europe. Your car will be repatriated to a specialized car service and you will be accommodated in a hotel.

What documents are needed for roadside assistance to Europe

Carriage and repatriation of a car requires extensive experience and a specialized roadside assistance company. Road assistance for Europe. Before you go a long way, check the basic details of the repatriation vehicle. A technical review of the truck can save you a lot of trouble while traveling in Europe. Let’s check what documents are required for traveling in Europe. Civil liability of the truck is mandatory, especially if you leave the country. The annual technical inspection of the specialized truck proves the technical condition of the vehicle. The green card of the truck proves that, in the event of an accident, the insurance companies will pay all damages. When repatriating a car, CARGO insurance assumes all the damages that are incurred during a trip. Vignette stickers for going to another country are absolutely mandatory when traveling. Verification of a vignette at each border crossing is related to motorway security.

Road assistance for Europe

The main purpose of the European Health Map is to provide drivers with free medical assistance. To use such a medical card, the only condition is to be insured. The European Health Card is issued by the branches of the State Savings Bank. The deadline for issuing the European Health Card is 15 calendar days. Previously, an application was filed with the branches of DSK Bank. The European Health Card is issued free of charge. If you do not have paid health insurance, you will not be able to withdraw your European Health Insurance Card. The European Health Card is 1 year, for children up to 18 years of age, the card is valid for 5 years. If a person falls ill abroad, the European Health Card covers all the needs of medicines, hospitals, and your overall treatment. When you are abroad, always carry the European Health Insurance Card. You can prove that you are insured in an EU country.

What does Europe’s road assistance insurance cover?

When you have roadside assistance insurance for Europe and you have received an accident, insurance covers the following. Repair your vehicle on-site, pay all costs for spare parts. Repatriation of your vehicle to your nearest car service center. This is only possible when the vehicle can not be repaired. Payment of all hotel and catering costs to passengers until completion of the vehicle repair. Payment of full damage if the vehicle is not repairable. All costs of scrapping the car in any country in the European Union. All expenses of the driver and passengers until their return to Bulgaria. In cases of theft or robbery, hotel costs are charged for the period up to the discovery of the vehicle. If the vehicle is not detected within 48 hours, the insurance company will bear all costs. These costs are related to your plane trip to Bulgaria.

What does our company provide for Road assistance for Europe

Road assistance Albena Express strives to maintain high quality and lowest prices on the market. The correct attitude towards customers, the speed and the security of car transport are the first places for our company. The professional experience and long-lasting success we have achieved over the last few years are a guarantee of well-being. We have many positive comments and recommendations from our clients, both corporate and business partners that we have proven in the work process. We have an individual approach to each client. We offer repatriation of cars, vans, buses, forklifts, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery across Europe.