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Road Assistance for Sofia

Road Assistance for Sofia

The company offers specialized transport of cars and trucks. In the case of road accidents or accidents, with professional roadside assistance. Our specialized company to road assistance for Sofia offers its customers various types of services. The company provides specialized transportation of light commercial vehicles and trucks, in case of road accidents and accidents, with professional trucks for road assistance. We serve our customers expressly, thanks to our perfect technique. The team of the company consists of qualified drivers with professional competence and specialized auto mountaineers. When you need help, you only need to dial the phone for the Sofia roadside assistance company. Our team will visit you within 30 minutes to repatriate your personal or service car. Our specialized company for road assistance, repatriation, and transportation of any construction equipment, also offers mobile auto service on the road.

What services are provided by the road assistance companies Sofia ?

Our roadside assistance trucks serve the Sofia area. They are equipped with hydraulic platforms and 20-ton winches. The extra work for a second car is an extra feature that is lacking in conventional roadside assistance trucks. The services we offer are the withdrawal of damaged motor vehicles with twenty-tonne winches. Download trucks and trucks with hydraulic winches from long distances. If necessary, we will provide you with a mobile service to change tires for the Sofia region. The services we offer are a lost key and a new one. Our specialized company has a professional car locksmith, which serves all the neighborhoods in Sofia. Fuel delivery to the damaged vehicle and startup is within 30 minutes of your call. We also offer a change of bursting tire, starting the engine, road self-diagnostics, and charging the battery. If you have an insurance policy for road assistance, all the services will be completely free of charge.

What is the cost of repatriating cars and trucks ?

Road Assistance for Sofia. The night rate for cars and trucks in Sofia starts after 21:00. This is the tariff, which is charged a little more expensive by the Sofia road assistance companies. The cost of repatriation of a regular car within Sofia is 50 leva. But it all depends on the situation in which the car is located. If there is a problem with the chassis, there are additional charges for downloading and uploading. For trucks, the price is determined differently. For trucks, the price is determined by the complexity of the service rendered. Sometimes it is necessary for the truck to pull out only a few meters where it is strapped. The cost of withdrawing trucks starts at 150 leva and can reach up to 400 leva. This is the repatriation cost of trucks in Sofia. If you have to repatriate a truck from Sofia to the province, the price is 2.60 lv.

What additional services are provided by the road assistance companies in Sofia ?

If you need a registration of a car at KAT Sofia and you do not have this opportunity, we will do it for you. All you have to do is authorize one of our employees before a notary and pay the necessary fees. This service includes the repatriation of the vehicle from a specified address in the city of Sofia to the Traffic Police. Register your car and return it to your location. We repatriate cars and trucks 24 hours a day and 365 days a year in Sofia. With us, you can make a request for shipment of any kind of technique from 1 to 50 tons. In our fleet, you can find all kinds of equipment. Our specialists will provide you with the necessary assistance in the field of power supply, fuel delivery, and repatriation of vehicles. The company has a professional auto-locksmith to unlock the cars. If you need assistance in case of emergency, contact the companies for road assistance for Sofia.