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Road assistance for trucks

Road assistance for trucks

Albena Express company provides safe and reliable transportation of freight and heavy trucks. Road assistance for trucks. We offer full delivery and repatriation of broken trucks all over Bulgaria. The company Albena Expres EOOD works with specialized equipment that allows fast, secure, and quality repatriation. The continual control over the quality of the services we offer puts us in the forefront among the companies in Bulgaria. We are a repatriation company for the transport of heavy trucks in the country and abroad. Truck helpers will serve you quickly and correctly. Incorrect repatriation of the damaged truck may result in an unforeseen road traffic accident. Experts from Albena Express will repatriate your truck to your appointed service center. The company offers specialized truck transport at competitive prices. We know how important it is for us to find the best solution for transporting your truck. If you are looking, a professional roadside assistance company, we assure you that we are We.

What services our company offers – Road assistance for trucks

Our company offers specialized haulage and truck transport across Europe. The additional services we offer are supplying fuel to your truck, delivering a 24-volt starting current. Road self-diagnostics, battery replacement and charging, engine start-up, and various types of other services. Our specialized cars are equipped with winches for downloading heavy-hit trucks. The company is based on an experienced team of specialists where quality is placed first. Our primary and sole purpose is to improve the efficiency of our services. With us, you will find a reliable partner with years of experience that will ensure that your truck will arrive safely to the address you specify. You do not have to worry about repatriating your truck. You just have to wait until our employees arrive at the exact address. We will keep you posted if there is any change in your route. Our experienced team of specialists will provide you with exceptional service at competitive prices. If we are currently downloading a damaged truck, we will send you our trusted partners.

What is the cost of roadside assistance for trucks?

The company offers transportation of all types of trucks with trailers and semi-trailers. Where the length of the composition exceeds 18.60 meters, a permit is required by the Road Infrastructure Agency. Tractor tugs are required to be licensed by the RIA. The certificate is paid according to the distance traveled by the specialized truck. Then the price for the carriage of the composition will increase significantly and the final price will become too high. Our company will always find an alternative solution that will reduce the cost of shipment of the composition and tug. The options that we offer are repatriating trucks to the respective workshop where the repair will be done. And then repatriate the semi-trailer to your parking lot. Our company delivering the Truck Assistance service will always make the right decision. That’s why our customers recommend us to other transport companies like the right carriers.

Roadside assistance for trucks

For the repatriation of heavy trucks, requirements for professional companies are very high. Every company it offers, road assistance for trucks, must have the necessary equipment. The rigid towing hitch is used to pull out damaged trucks. One end of the rigid towing hitch attaches to the buffer that is mounted at the rear of the repatriating truck. And the other end of the rigid towing hitch hangs on the ear in the front bumper of the damaged truck. The length required to tow a rigid tow truck is 2.50 to 3.00 meters. When towing an impaired truck, it is necessary to use a special air supply hose. The length of the air supply hose is determined by the distance between the two trucks. The air is supplied via a hose connecting the air systems between the two trucks. In this way, the atmospheric pressure in a system of the two trucks equals.