Road Assistance

Road Assistance

Road Assistance Albena Express, provides high quality and qualified services for your vehicles. The main activity of the company is road assistance. The specialized care of the roadside assistance company covers the entire country. Road Assistance Albena Express provides various types of services mainly related to the transport and repatriation of motor vehicles and construction equipment. Employees of our company provide technical assistance with a specialized freight minibus to repair damage on the spot. Automotive transport is one of the most important industries in the global industry. Without it, the existence of mankind would be unthinkable in the modern way of life. Automobile transport is a combination of car and freight transport to different parts of the world. Our company operates uninterrupted 24 hours a day and 365 days throughout the year. We present you, one of the most reputable repatriation companies in Bulgaria and abroad, Roadside Assistance Albena Express. The company guarantees the quality and safety of roadside assistance services.

Road Assistance – Basic rules

24/7 roadside assistance repatriation of light and commercial vehicles with a hydraulic drop platform. What you need to know if you get a travel accident. If you get an unexpected accident on the road, first check the fuel gauge of the vehicle. If the vehicle is found to have enough fuel, check the battery condition. Turn the car key to the start position. If the car’s engine does not respond, this may mean that you do not have enough battery power in the battery. In this case, look for the services of a roadside assistance company using your mobile phone. To choose the right company, check the reviews of the companies that offer roadside assistance. If you use the services of an unknown company, the price of the service may be fantastic. So first check the prices of companies by visiting the site pages. Or ask in advance about the cost of the service you will need.

How to order the roadside assistance

In order to call the roadside assistance staff, the customer should inform the operator of the following information. What kind of vehicle do you handle freight or passenger? Cars are cars with a capacity of no more than 1.8 tons. If you want a specialized road assistance. Аn exact tonnage of up to 5 tons or more than 5 tons is required. Does the car have a blocked wheel or a broken carrier on the chassis? The exact location to which the damaged vehicle will be repatriated. The approximate location of the damaged car or truck. As specialized cars travel, the customer has to wait for his personal or service car. During this time, his phone must be switched on to be able to coordinate the specialist vehicle operator. The operator checks the geolocation of the vehicle and sends the nearest possible specialized vehicle to the desired coordinates. Express processing of all orders allows you to save time, work well and arrive very quickly.

What our roadside assistance company offers

Our roadside assistance company is engaged in repatriating cars and trucks across Europe. We are ready to do our best to provide you with a secure and quality service. Our company offers the highest standard of service when repatriating cars. The specialists working in our company will serve you quickly, securely and correctly. The success of the repatriation company over the past years is due to our basic principles. A high standard of customer service is our priority. At work, we carefully assess each situation to avoid all unforeseen circumstances. We offer our customers the best 24-hour service. Including repatriation of vehicles with a hydraulic platform, fuel delivery and carriage of motor vehicles. The maximum time for a repatriated company to visit a damaged car in Sofia is 30 minutes. The distance to the failing vehicle determines the duration of the service. The excellent orientation of the city allows the Road Assists to repatriate all types of cars and cars.

Road Assistance

The repatriation company offers safe transport of damaged motor vehicles. Our main goal is to provide high quality and professional service. The Road Assistance Company was set up to optimize the repatriation of cars and cars. Our main slogan is the creation of a perfect repatriation organization for cars and cars. The company offers specialized transport to all the European Union settlements. We provide our clients with specialized domestic and international transportation. Our specialized cars have different loading capacity and meet all European requirements. Our specialized repatriation company offers mobile auto service and turbocharger service. The employees of our company guarantee the quality of the services we offer. Therefore, always use the services of professional companies only.

Traffic Assistance – Driving Documents

You should always be aware of the validity of civil liability, the annual technical inspection and the fitness of the green card. If you do not have the necessary driving documents, it is advisable not to get in the car at all. The presence of the vehicle’s large and small registration card is absolutely essential. If your control bodies stop checking for routine, you will be able to prove the ownership of the vehicle. The sticker and sticker for annual technical inspection is an integral part of the documents of each car. The annual technical inspection sticker must be affixed to the left side of the vehicle’s windscreen. If your car has not undergone an annual technical inspection, law enforcement may stop the vehicle from moving. The technical inspection of the vehicle proves the technical condition of your vehicle. Every car must, therefore, have a sticker and a sticker for an annual technical inspection.

Road Assistance – Civil Liability

The civil liability of the vehicle is necessary for travel in the country and abroad. The periodic annual technical inspection proves the technical condition of the vehicle. The green card is mandatory when traveling abroad. The vignette of the car is absolutely compulsory on a non-urban journey. The vignette of the vehicle is related to the collection of charges for the maintenance of roads and motorways. Without a vignette sticker, your car is not allowed to move outside of the settlement. European Health Insurance Card is designed to allow motor vehicle drivers to use free medical care at home and abroad. To have a European Health Card, you need to be health-insured. The European Health Card is issued free of charge by any branch of the State Savings Bank. To receive a European Health Card, you must have paid health insurance. If you do not have paid health insurance, you will not be issued with a European health card.

Roadside assistance – European Health Insurance Card

If you do not have paid health insurance, you are not eligible for a European Health Insurance Card. The European Health Card covers the need for medicines and hospital treatment, but only when you are abroad. It is your proof that you are insured in a country of the European Union. When you have an auto insurance policy and free road assistance, you get the following advantage. Removing damage to your car in place. Getting help and repatriating your car to the nearest car service center. Redeeming all hotel and food costs. This can only be recognized if you present an invoice. Repay damage up to eighty percent if your vehicle is not being repaired. The cost of scrapping the car for all countries in the European Union. In the event of vehicle theft, the insurance covers absolutely all costs when you are abroad.

How to find a roadside assistance company

Mobile app is a computer program designed to work with mobile phones and smartphones. The mobile roadside assistance application was designed to connect the troubled drivers with the closest repatriation companies. The app determines the exact location where the nearest roadside assistance company is located. In this way, users can be informed about the exact location of specialized transport cars. The Road Infrastructure Agency handles the LIMA mobile application. This appendix provides information to motor vehicle drivers traveling long distances. When you enter the menu of one of the systems, select the option for roadside assistance. The system will show you the closest location of companies offering road assistance in the country. Once they find the right car carrier, consumers will be able to take advantage of their professional roadside assistance services. In this way, consumers will save time and nerves when searching for a company to transport cars.

For what time does the roadside assistance company arrive

The time of arrival of the specialized car within the city of Sofia is thirty minutes after your call. Sometimes the time to repatriate a car or cars is determined by traffic and weather conditions. If there is a traffic jam, the visit time increases considerably more. Employees of our roadside assistance company strive to be very accurate and correct in repatriating cars. Our main goal is to provide the necessary assistance and assistance to injured people in accidents. The motto of our company is; always help when needed. Specialized repatriation companies, which provide assistance and assistance in road traffic accidents, have a great advantage. For many years, our repatriation company has built up its reputation. We have not once proven our capabilities as experienced carriers in this activity. Our specialized repatriation company meets all the European requirements in this field.

Road Assistance

We offer a variety of services with guaranteed quality. Some of the roadside assistance companies have a dedicated auto service to repair cars and minibusses. The specialized road assistance services we offer are of paramount importance. Our company employs qualified specialists with professional competence. Due to the honest attitude and high professionalism of our employees, our customers remain satisfied. Repatriation company employees will always find the best solution for repatriating your vehicle. If we can not give you the necessary assistance for the moment, we will send you our partners. More information photos and videos can be found on Google + and YouTube.